Sponsored by IRS Tax-Exempt Soggy Bottom Foundation, please help us save lives and support our flagship cause GetFixed.Org in becoming the largest FREE Dog & Cat Spay & Neuter Program in the USA.

Launching in 2018 with national fundraising and infrastructure build-out. Program implementation beginning in 2019. Phase One Goal: Providing 285,000 FREE surgeries outsourced from our 57 flagship cities. Quality medical care including pain medication. No means testing. No restrictions. No out of pocket costs for you or participating Veterinarian.

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Deadly disasters like Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and the California wildfires vividly demonstrate why we need to unify animal rescue and re-unification First Responder quick-reaction forces [QFR] and longer term support efforts in vulnerable and at-risk populations under one, free, but well-funded and well organized, nonprofit operation.

With your help and those of our strategic partners, volunteers and supply chain assets, it’s our goal to launch , Camp Animal, a first ever, but urgently needed, animal focused Disaster Response Base Camp supported by one or more forward operating base[s] [FOB]. To include expandable and rapid base camp support services such as 1] Human and animal shelter support services, 2] Full service catering and food service, 3] Internet and Satellite Communications, 4] Project and processing Command Center, 5] Diesel and Gas storage supply, 6] Veterinarian medical facilities and first aid, 7] Solid waste services, 8] Laundry services, 9] Power generation and climate control, 10] Restroom facilities, 11] Motor pool, 12] Animal intake/reunite center, 13] Media Center and 14] grief counseling.


Formally launching in January, 2018, the SBR Foundation is an animal welfare anomaly: Absolute Management Ownership. Prioritize and Execute. Demonstrated Results. Strive to become 100% self-sufficient so that our programs live on in perpetuity. Strive to get to a point where private donors and corporate sponsors fund our operating costs so that 100% of your donations go straight to our programs. Your support is appreciated.

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